Our Mission


The GERMAN WIREHAIR ALLIANCE was founded by a group of reputable and experienced German Wirehaired Pointer breeders. The founding members are all avid hunters with high individual standards in their breeding programs and with a proven history of producing quality versatile German Wirehaired Pointers. These founding members seek to improve the German Wirehaired Pointer through collaborative breeding and by establishing minimum breeding standards for all breed stock.


The main objective of the GERMAN WIREHAIR ALLIANCE is to produce the best versatile hunting dogs in North America - dogs that are equally talented in the uplands and marsh, as well as a family companion. The GERMAN WIREHAIR ALLIANCE plans to achieve these objectives through a series of strict breeding requirements that include:


  • Field Testing for Hunting Aptitude and Performance

  • Evaluation of Coat, Structure, and Conformation Quality

  • Evaluation of Temperament

  • Mandatory Testing for Hip Dysplasia

  • Mandatory Testing for Common Genetic Disorders

  • The Use of a Performance and Pedigree Database to Help Select the Best Matings

  • Collaboration Between Alliance Breeders on Important Performance and Health Information


Alliance Members must be experienced and ethical hunters of both upland and waterfowl and must abide by all breeding standards.

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