Todays German Wirehair Pointer

The modern German Wirehaired Pointer is certainly unique in today's gun dog world. He is a cooperative, intelligent, versatile hunter, possessing strong desire in the field and marsh.  Alliance bred Wirehairs are an excellent choice for the average mixed bag hunter.  Alliance Breeders are committed to breeding truly versatile dogs with strong hunting aptitudes on land and in water both before and after the shot. Alliance Wirehairs are well balanced family dogs with many generations of proven ancestors in their pedigrees.

There are many varieties of Wirehairs available today that are not  well suited for the average mixed bag upland and waterfowl hunter. Specialist Wirehairs; dogs bred exclusively for a single purpose, the show ring for example, have become very common in North America during the past few decades.


While there is nothing wrong with one dimensional venues such as dog shows or field trials, it is unfortunate that  many breeders have chosen to focus solely on these arenas while ignoring many of the other fine aspects of the breed.  Alliance Breeders subscribe to the total dog concept for the GWP and they strive to produce dogs that not only are high level  performers in the field and water, but have proper structure, conformation and temperament. 


 Many Alliance Breeders have used field trial dogs successfully in an effort to strengthen upland bird hunting attributes; however, precaution must be used when evaluating the versatile characteristics of dogs that are not tested or hunted on waterfowl. Similarly, many Alliance Breeders have also used European bloodlines for their particular strengths; however, the average Alliance bred Wirehair is smaller and lighter on their feet when compared to their European bred counterparts. 

While the Alliance greatly values the original Deutsch Drahthaar that the Europeans developed as foundation stock, the Alliance prefers to focus on attributes more relevant to the North American hunter, such as placing a higher emphasis on dogs with stronger field searching abilities.  Dogs that seek using air scent instead of ground scent are more successful in the vast uplands of the United States and Canada. The same dog that can shift gears to a tracking mode to recover wounded game or trail Pheasants, for example, is highly valuable for the foot hunter.  The Alliance places less emphasis on some of the attributes that are important in Europe, but are of much less importance to the average hunter in North America, such as hunting big game and other fur, blood tracking and predator sharpness. Hunting practices and geography in North America are far different than Europe. Therefore, one could conclude that a breeding program that reflects these differences would best suit the average hunter in North America.


Since Alliance Breeders are still inclined to breed for the original traits desired by the common foot hunter, their dogs possess strong natural ability to search, point, track, and retrieve crippled game on land or in water. The ideal Alliance bred Wirehair is a bold, confident dog, medium in size and athletic in build with a correct,  weather-resistant wire coat, that is capable of quickly adapting to the various types of upland and waterfowl hunting available in North America.


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