Breeders & Members

Breeder Members

Breeder Members must be voted into the alliance by the Breed Advisory Committee. Breeder Members agree to follow the breeding requirements set by the the GWA. New Breeder Members with established, reputable breeding programs will be allowed a reasonable grace period to qualify any existing unqualified breed stock as long as the breeders shows satisfactory progress towards qualifying all breed stock within a reasonable amount of time. 

Name Last Location Phone Email Website
Jeff Funke Nampa, ID 208-989-0721
Kelly Jobes Baker, OR 541-523-9486
Richard Nugen Spokane, WA 306-909-9860
Jeff Paulus Superior, WI 715-399-2439
Dan Griffith Sioux Falls, SD 605-366-4939
Arjen Kielstra Saskatoon, Sask. 306-329-4780
Sage Kendall Emmett, ID 208-880-8314
Kurt Kraft Shelby, MT 406-460-1414
Jeff Jalbert Horace, ND 701-367-3722  
Laura Myles Snohomish, WA 206-310-9039
Jason Norton Ellendale, ND 701-783-4323/td>
Gary Robertson Waterville, MN 507-363-9478
Tom Wilcox Sioux Falls, SD 605-351-7330

Supporting Members

Supporting Members are non-breeding members looking to support the GWA mission. A Supporting Membership is also reserved for owners who want to list a qualified stud dog.


Name Last Location Phone Email
Steve Buck Moorhead, MN 701-729-6483
David Nagelhout Sioux Falls, SD 605-366-1110  
Tony  McGrane Waterloo, IA 319-235-0498
Randy Spencer Middleton, ID 208-991-6966
Dustin Ford St. Charles, ID 435-225-2736
Thomas Segal Ontario, OR 541-410-1684